Construction Zone International, LP was established as a commercial general contractor in 2005. Founders Lance Bernard and Jim English maintain two offices, located in north and southeast Texas. Construction Zone has multiple divisions which offer construction services to a diverse set of industries throughout Texas and surrounding states.

Our Core Values

Generosity- We are consistently generous in giving to the needs of others, creating opportunity where there was none. Our success as a company is meant to be shared.

Relationship– We function as a team, committed to each other and those we serve, to achieve extraordinary outcomes through effective relationships. At the end of the day…it’s all about the relationship.

Dependability- Our customers depend on our ability to deliver a quality product with excellent service. We hold your trust in high regard and are committed to providing great value that in-stills confidence and peace of mind.

Excellence- Our focus is to consistently strive for excellence. Individually, we demand the highest level of quality from our craftsmen. Corporately, we are committed to operating with absolute integrity.

Excitement- We believe in working together in an exciting environment. A strong sense of community and commitment to each other within Construction Zone brings a greater peace of mind to our customers that we care.

Mission Trips

We have been shaped by our partnering with missionaries across the globe. We go to serve, but leave receiving countless blessings.

Chipas, Mexico                                               April 2011

Chipas, Mexico                                          October 2011

Chipas, Mexico                                      November 2010

Chipas, Mexico                                                 May 2013